Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lizard Brain

After a week off, we are back this week.

We lost some time getting character backgrounds.  Some interesting stuff for me to use there.

Then, we rejoined our merry adventurers in the Broken Crown Inn.  After the pie (Some of the best.  The skunk lard made it oh-so-flakey!).  our band had rested the night.

In the morning the fighter persuaded them to travel east hunting bandits.  The traveled east on the caravan road.  The first day was wet, and uneventful.  The night passed with no events.  But once they had been traveling for the morning, they found footprints.  Humanoid footprints.  They followed them, and came upon three lizard folk.  There was a moment of mutual "Hey! Get 'em!" and combat was joined.  The thief was wounded bloodily, but survived.  The lizard folk did not.

And that's where we ended up.

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