Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Jiminez Spaceyard Launch-12

Jiminez Spaceyard (Santander, Aragon 0105) Specializes in small, luxury craft.  Their TL-12 Launch is typical.  On a 20 ton platform, they achieve 1G and 13 tons of cargo space in the base model.  The Small Craft bridge is equipped with two crew couches for the pilot and one passenger.  The craft is shaped like a cone, for streamlining.

Jiminez Spaceyard offers several packages to upgrade the base model

  •  The base model costs MCr 6.800
  • Model 110 includes 4 small craft staterooms, 1 ton of luxury trim, and 4 tons cargo.  Add MCr 1.2 to the cost
  • Model 120 includes 26 passenger couches and no cargo.  MCr 7.45 
  • Model 130 includes 8 passenger couches, and 9 tons cargo.  MCr 7.0
  • Model 130-L includes 8 passenger couches, 8 tons cargo, and 1 ton of luxury trim.  MCr 8.0
 For the Referee, Let's do the numbers...This is for the base model.

Ship: Launch-12
Class: Launch-12
Type: Launch
Architect: Book 2
Tech Level: 12

         QB-0201102-000000-00000-0 MCr 6.800 20 Tons
Bat Bear                           Crew: 2
Bat                                TL: 12

Cargo: 13 Fuel: 1 EP: 0.200 Agility: 1
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops

Architects Fee: MCr 0.068   Cost in Quantity: MCr 5.440

Detailed Description
  (High Guard Design)

20.000 tons standard, 280.000 cubic meters, Cone Configuration

7 Officers, -5 Ratings

Jump-0, 1G Manuever, Power plant-1, 0.200 EP, Agility 1

Bridge, No Computer Installed





0.200 Tons Fuel (0 parsecs jump and 28 days endurance)
On Board Fuel Scoops, No Fuel Purification Plant

2 Acceleration Couches, 13 Tons Cargo


MCr 6.868 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 0.068), MCr 5.440 in Quantity

11 Weeks Singly, 9 Weeks in Quantity

Note that 1 ton of fuel gets us 140 days of endurance.

Launch-12 Class Launch

Book 5 Crew Breakdown
Command section: 7 officers and -6 ratings; Engineering section: 0 officers and 0 ratings; Service section: 0 officers and 0 ratings; Medical Section: 0 officers and 0 ratings
Hull: 0.000 Td; MCr 2.200
Armour Factor-0: 0.000 Td; MCr 0.000

M-Drive Factor-1: 1.000 Td; MCr 1.500
J-Drive Factor-0: 0.000 Td; MCr 0.000
P-Plant Factor-1: 1.000 Td; MCr 3.000; +0.200 EP

P-Fuel: 1.000 Td; MCr 0,000
J-Fuel: 0.000 Td; MCr 0.000
Scoops: 0.000 Td; MCr 0.000
Purification: 0.000 Td; MCr 0.000
L-Hyd Drop Tanks: 0.000 Td; MCr 0.000

Bridge: 4.000 Td; MCr 0.100
Computer None: 0.000 Td; MCr 0.000; -0 EP




Cargo: 13.000 Td; MCr 0.000


Friday, September 11, 2015

Shipyards and Wine

One of the most brilliant pieces of software I use is the High Guard Shipyard.  I have been reluctant to try using it since my windows laptop died.   I wasn't sure about running it under Wine on my Ubuntu lappy.

Until tonight.

So, to run the High Guard Shipyard on Linux, Here are your steps.

0. Have a functioning Ubuntu install of Linux.

1. Ensure Wine is installed on Linux.  Use Synaptic, apt-get, or your favorite Ubuntu package manager to do so.

2. Go to

3. Download the Zip file of High Guard Shipyard

4. Unzip the file

5. Right click the .exe file and select "Run in Wine"

And, Bob's your uncle!

Many many ship designs to follow.  I am officially stoked.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

System of the Week - Aragon

Aragon (Aragon 0209) Has a Class A starport.  The various shipyards have a combined total capacity of 4,600,000 Tons / Month peacetime construction.  In addition, the repair yards can perform any needed level of repairs, either on orbit, or at one of the downports on Aragon itself.  Refined and unrefined fuel are both available for purchase here.

Aragon is a medium sized world, with a diameter of 7826Km.  The very thin atmosphere requires compressor masks to ensure humans can breathe when outside of protective domes.  Aragon is a wet world, with 72% of the surface covered by water.

(Map courtesy of the map generator at )

Aragon has a population of 4 billion people.  The Government is an impersonal buraucracy.  The Law level of 9 bans weapons outside the home  The Tech Level of 11 is an average stellar technology.

Aragon is a high population world, that is also the capitol of the Vice-Royalty of Aragon.  The Naval base in system is the headquarters for the Armada of Aragon.

Aragon's system has one planetoid belt and one gas giant.

Seen by many as the shining star at the center of the Vice-Royalty, Aragon does seem to live up to it's billing.  Due to the low atmospheric pressure, the population is mostly housed in several arcologies across the surface of the world.  The capitol of the Vice-Royalty is housed in one such arcology.  The Palace is said by some to be the epitome of the New Catalan Modernism that is the Vice-Royalty's official architectural style.

With a gross GDP of 560,000,000 MCr, Aragon supports a military budget of 1,680,000 MCr for local defense alone.  A maximum establishment for the local army of 2000 (!) divisions is mostly deployed throughout the Vice-Royalty on various peacekeeping and local defense missions.  However, actual troop strength is believed to be much smaller.  The Armada is the primary defensive arm for the Vice-Royalty

Aragon was settled early, and grew to it's present size over time.  There is trade with other systems, manufacturing, and some resource extraction.

For the referee
Aragon        0209 A537999-B  N Hi Cp              411 Ar

Starport A
Size 5, Medium sized.  7,200 -8,799Km Dia.
Atmosphere 3 Very Thin Atmosphere
Hydrosphere 7, Wet world, 65%-74% surface water
Population 9, High population, 1 -10 Billion people.
Government 9, Impersonal Buraucracy
Law level 9 High Law level, no weapons outside the home
Tech Level B (11)  Average Stellar technology level

Population modifier - 4, 4 Billion people
Planetoid belts - 1
Gas Giants - 1

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

System of the Week - Zefadytia

Zefadytia (Aragon 0208) Has a class C starport.  The Zzefadytia S.A. starport is capable of major repairs, but not annual overhauls.  Only unrefined fuel is available for non-company ships.

Zefadytia is 14,200 Km in diameter.  and has a Dense, Standard atmosphere.  The surface of Zefadytia is 95% water.

(Map courtesy of the map generator at )

Zefadytia has a population of 5, 102 people.  The Corporate government is run by a set of elite managers.  All "Citizens" are employees of Zefadytia S.A.  The law level is 1, Body pistols, Explosives, and poison gas are prohibited.  The Tech Level is A (11) Early Stellar.

There is one planetoid belt, and 4 gas giants.  There are no naval or scout bases present.

The entire world is owned by the Zefadytia S.A. corporation.  The company has several resource extraction operations that it runs, both on the small island that passes for dry land, and sea-based.  These raw materiels are shipped to manufacturing centers in the Vice Royalty.

For the Referee - 
Zefadytia     0208 C98A311-A    Lo Ni Wa           514 Ar

Starport – Class C
Size – 9  13,600-15,199 KMs
Atmosphere – 8 Dense
Hydrosphere – A  95% water
Population - 3 1,000 to 10,000 (5,000)
Government – 1 Government / Corporate
Law Level – 1
Tech Level – A - Early Stellar

Population Modifier – 5
One Planetoid belt
4 Gas Giants
Low Population, Water world, Non-Industrial

System of the Week - Xativa

Xativa (Aragon 0207)  has a Class C Starport.  The starport is capable of major repairs, but not annual overhauls.  Only unrefined fuel is available.   The Traveller's Aid Society contracts with a local Bed and Breakfast to provide services.

Xativa is 9200 Km in diameter with a thin, tainted atmosphere.  The planet's surface is 48% water.

 (Map courtesy of the map generator at )

 Xativa has a population of 102,433.  The planetary government is a Feudal Technocracy.  The law level is 6, all firearms except shotguns prohibited.  Xativa is TL 7 (Circa 1970 AD).

There is no planetoid belt, but the system has 3 gas giants.

Xativa is an agricultural world.  The one town (Municipios deXativa) is the combination startown, and world capitol.  The Feudal Technocracy of Xativa runs the centrally planned economy, determining which crops are grown, and by which farmers.  If it weren't for the inherent inefficiencies involved in this process, Xativa would be the bread basket of the Vice Royalty.  As thing stand, most exports go to the Vice-Regal capital.

For the Referee -

Xativa        0207 C645556-7    Ag Ni              103 Ar
Starport – Class  C
Size –  6 Med World 8,800-10,399 Kms Dia.
Atmosphere – 4 Thin (tainted) Atmosphere
Hydrosphere – 5 45-54% water
Population  - 5 100,000 to 1,000,000 (100,000)
Government – 5 Feudal Technocracy
Law Level – 6 Moderate Law, All firearms except Shotguns Prohibited
Tech Level – 7 Circa 1970 AD

Population Modifier –  1
NoPlanetoid belt
3 Gas Giants
Agricultural World, Non-Industrial

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

UWPs for a subsector - Aragon

It occurs to me, that I have missed one important item.  Here are the UWPs for the Aragon Sector.

@SUB-SECTOR: Aragon SECTOR: Andalusian Reach
#PlanetName Loc. UPP Code B Notes Z PBG Al
#---------- ---- --------- - --------------- - --- --
Quintanarde 0103 E879899-2 513 Ar
Requena 0104 C546463-6 S Ni 113 Ar
Santander 0105 A543475-C 2 Ni Po 634 Ar
Terragona 0106 C8C6845-4 S Fl 822 Ar
Mataro 0108 EA9A762-7 Wa 824 Ar
Utrera 0109 C472121-9 Lo Ni 114 Ar
Xuquer 0206 B674323-8 2 Lo Ni 114 Ar
Xativa 0207 C645556-7 Ag Ni 103 Ar
Zefadytia 0208 C98A311-A Lo Ni Wa 514 Ar
Aragon 0209 A537999-B N Hi Cp 411 Ar
Valladolid 0210 A775666-A Ag 523 Ar
Xinzo deLimia 0305 C9D5358-A S Fl Lo Ni 113 Ar
Llanes 0307 C857645-6 S Ag 212 Ar
Ribadesella 0308 B593A8A-C Hi In 220 Ar
288-281 0309 XA9A000-0 Ba Lo Ni Wa R 022 Ar
Erdogal 0401 C000231-9 As Lo Ni 201 Ar
Zaragoza 0402 B665562-7 2 Ag Ni 123 Ar
Ulla 0403 B100344-C 2 Lo Ni Va 524 Ar
Ibeza 0405 D666531-7 Ag Ni 924 Ar
Jarandilla 0408 C469AA8-E Hi 322 Ar
Zamora 0410 B663756-B N Ri 404 Ar
Vizcaya 0502 X8B3521-1 Fl Ni R 624 Ar
Salamanca 0507 A967368-8 2 Lo Ni 210 Ar
Zaroutz 0508 C000540-9 As Ni 423 Ar
Guipuzcoa 0509 X447000-0 Ba Lo Ni R 004 Ar
Trujillo 0510 C46189B-7 Ri 200 Ar
Daroca 0602 B100878-9 N Na Va 303 Ar
Calatayud 0603 C564200-6 S Lo Ni A 502 Ar
Guadalquivir 0605 B310343-A 2 Lo Ni 223 Ar
Benidorm 0608 B5598A8-7 N 725 Ar
Gernika-Lumo 0609 B527888-6 124 Ar
Larado 0701 B622844-B N Na Po 114 Ar
Xavier 0702 B768955-A Hi 215 Ar
Yecla 0708 B736584-A Ni 811 Ar
Trevinca 0710 C7A3754-5 Fl 513 Ar
Portola Valley 0803 A578466-C Ni 724 Bb
Cupertino 0804 B748200-A N Lo Ni 333 Bb
San Mateo 0806 E596341-5 Lo Ni 124 Bb
Alameda 0807 A657679-B Ag 401 Bb
Calatrava 0809 C663312-6 Lo Ni 224 Ar

Hm,  Formatting is ugly on this mess.  I might try to fiddle with it.  But I want to have this part up live.  Remember the Map?  Here it is again...

Friday, July 31, 2015

Traveller - The Salesman

Here is an idea for Classic Traveller settings.

This started with a reply to a previous posting of mine.  With a small Class C starport, I don't see a lot of automated repair equipment.  Especially for the smaller and poorer ports.

I was imagining the "Repair Facilities" being merely a tool rack that the starship crew could make use of.  if Necessary, "Bubba", the starport's mechanic would assist, for a small fee (or favor...).

This is not about that favor...

How does Bubba get his tools?  He's on a small jerkwater system well off the X-Boat route.  Does he wait for the Snap-on-parts van?

I am imagining a small parts company based on Regina.  They have a deal with Oberlindes, or Al Mora to ship parts to depots in each subsector of the marches.  Each Depot has a stable of franchisees with ships.

The Snap-On-Parts ship is in corporate livery, and has a dedicated cargo space (5 or 10 tons) for parts inventory.  There's also a custom large G-Carrier (In corporate livery also).

You pay the company for your franchise, you buy the stock, and are assigned a route.  At each starport you offload the G-Carrier, and travel your route on that planet.  After a week or so, load back up and head to your next location.

I'll handwave the economics of this, because Lazy tonight.  Maybe a later post for that.  Tonight, let's talk adventure seeds.

Our party is the crew of the Snap-On-Parts ship.  Owner aboard/captain, gunner, steward/supercargo, engineer.

Each week they land on a new planet, and must go forth to talk to locals.  If they want, they can try to find some speculative cargo (you left 10 more tons of cargo space, right?) to sell at the next stop.  perhaps a passenger or two can be found.

What if that next contact wanting tools is a pirate, wanting to hijack your ship?

What if that next contact wanting tools is running a top secret naval installation?

What if you land in the middle of a gang war between rival mechanic shops?

What if you land on a planet in the throws of a neo-luddite revolution?

What if you have rivals from EvilPartsCo?

What if you have an unscrupulous rival from Snap-On?

Referees can see the hooks from high orbit, I'm sure.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

System of the Week - Xuquer

 Xuquer (Aragon 0206) Has a Class B starport.  Xuquer Highport is capable of major and minor repairs.  The only shipyard makes the occasional small (Under 30ton) craft for local use.  Refined fuel is available.  The TAS maintains a small faacility at the Downport.

Xuquer is 8950 Km in diameter, with a standard, tainted atmosphere.  The planet's surface is 37% water

 (Map courtesy of the map generator at )

Xuquer has a population of 1,120.  The Planetary Government is a representative democracy.  Law Level is 3, Machine guns and automatic weapons are not allowed.

Xuquer hosts both a Scout base, and a Naval base.  There is one planetoid belt, and four gas giants. in the system.

Because of the low population, Xuquer is a Non-industrial world.  Most of the population is involved in either the starport, or supporting the two bases.  There is some exploration of the hinterlands away from the Downport.  There are also two large hunting preserves.  One is owned by Antonio Miguel De Jarandilla, current Viceregal Admiral of the Fleet.  The other is owned by Gaspar Baltasar De Aragon, Current Viceregal Minister of the Interior

For the Referee -

Xuquer        0206 B674323-8  2 Lo Ni              114 Ar
Starport – Class B
Size –  6  Med World 8,800-10,399 Kms Dia.
Atmosphere – 7 Std Pressure tainted atmosphere
Hydrosphere – 4 Wet world, 35-44% water
Population  - 3 1,000 to 10,000 (1,000)
Government – 2 Representative Democracy
Law Level –  3 Low law Machine Guns, Automatic Weapons prohibited

Tech Level – 8 Digital Age (1990 AD)

Population Modifier – 1
One Planetoid belt
4 Gas Giants
Low Population, Non-Industrial

This is another excellent candidate for a complete set of animal encounters!

18 People...

Referee's notes.

Eighteen People.

One of the disadvantages to using randomly generated systems is that occasionally you get something, weird.  Like a large population of victorian steampunks on a Venus-like world that should kill them off...

And then there's Utrera.

Eighteen People

There are only eighteen people in the ENTIRE STAR SYSTEM.

For a referee, that's a long night of generating NPCs, and you have the entire population of an entire star system statted out.

For a person, imagine having only 18 people in your star system.  Who would you choose?  Why would you be doing this?

Let's compare this to some 21st century places.

Pitcairn Island claims to have a population of Fifty-Six souls.

The Principality of Sealand claims a population of "50+" per Wikipedia.

Eighteen People.

How can this be a viable human outpost?

Heck, the Class C starport would require MANY more people than this system has to offer.

Let's do the numbers...

Utrera (Aragon 0109) Is a low population, non-industrial world.  

Utrera has a Class C starport, Capable of major ship repairs.  Ships may obtain unrefined fuel only.  The Travellers Aid Society maintains a small hostel by contracting out to a local Bed and Breakfast establishment, but has no staff on planet.

Utrera is a small world, with a diameter of 5880 Kms.  The Atmosphere is standard pressure, but requires filter masks due to environmental contaminants.  This is a dry world, with 12% surface water.

(Map courtesy of the map generator at

Utrera has a population of 18 people.  The government is a participatory democracy.  Law Level is 1.  Limited legal barriers exist.  Tech Level is 9, Early Stellar technology.

There is one planetoid belt, and four gas giants present in the system.

There are no military bases.

For the Referee Part 2

Utrera        0109 C472121-9    Lo Ni              114 Ar
Starport – Class C
Size – 4, Small world 5,600-7,199 Km
Atmosphere – 7 Std Pressure, Tainted atmosphere
Hydrosphere – 1 Dry world 5-14% water
Population -1  10-100 People
Government –  2 Participatory Democracy
Law Level – 1 Low law level - Body Pistols, Explosives, poision gas prohibited.
Tech Level –  9  Early Stellar technology

Population Modifier – 1  10 People
One Planetoid belt
4 Gas Giants

Low Population, Non-Industrial

Thursday, July 16, 2015

System of the Week, Mataro

Mataro (Aragon 0108) Has a Class E starport.  Minimal facilities are present, and only unrefined fuel may be purchased

Mataro is a large world, with a diameter of 16,288 Kms.  The Atmosphere is a dense and tainted mix requiring filter masks.  The world's surface is 97% covered by water.

Map courtesy of the map generator at

Mataro has a population of 80 million people.  The population lives partially on the few islands, and partially on artificial island cities.

The government is a captive government.  Mataro is run by the system of Aragon as a colony.  Aragon encourages emigration to Mataro, and uses this world as a safety valve.

Law Level of 2 prohibits Portable Energy Weapons.  The Technology Level is 7 (Circa 1970 AD).  The Technology is limited by Aragon.  It IS possible to import higher tech items, but one must import via Aragon first, and the paperwork has a tendancy to get lost...

Mataro's system has two planetoid belts and four gas giants.

For the Referee

Mataro        0108 EA9A762-7    Wa                 824 Ar

Starport – Class E
Size –  A, large 15,200-16,799 Kms
Atmosphere – 9 Dense, Tainted
Hydrosphere – A 95-100% water
Population 7 10 Million to 100 Million
Government – 6 Captive Government or Colony
Law Level – 2 Portable Energy Weapons outlawed
Tech Level – 7 Ca 1970
Population Modifier – 8  80 Million people
Two Planetoid belts
4 Gas Giants

Friday, July 10, 2015

System of the Week - Terragona

Terragona (Aragon 0106) has a Class C starport, capable of major starship repairs, but offering only unrefined fuel.

Terragona has a diameter of 13,002 Km and an exotic, insidious atmosphere.  With a "Hydrosphere" covering 64% of the world's surface.

 Map courtesy of the map generator at

The world population of 800 million people are members of a representative democracy.  The Law Level of 5 prohibits personal concealable firearms.  The Tech Level of 4 is early machine age, roughly equivalent to that of 1889 AD.

The system sports two planetoid belts, two gas giants, and a Scout Base for the Vice-Royal Scout Corps.

The only trade classification is "Fluid Seas" to cover the toxic brew of Flourine and Chlorine in the lower atmosphere.

Terragona is a scientific curiosity.  Despite it's earth-normal size, it has a venus-thick atmosphere.  The lower levels are toxic mixes of Florine, Chlorine, and sulfur dioxide.  Most of the population lives in great floating cities in the narrow oxygen-nitrogen band of the atmosphere.  There are mining and manufacturing facilities on the surface.  Trade between cities is carried in airships and zeppelins.

The government is classified as a representative democracy, but is technically a constitutional monarchy.  There is a ceremonial noble class, and Queen Beatriz Graciela Montemayor is the sovereign of the planetary system.  She mostly gets along with the Vice-Royal government, but there have been disagreements in the past.  Despite the low tech, this world is an important population center for the Vice-Royalty.

Commercially, the various nasty chemicals in the atmosphere result in raw materials that are desirable in industrial processes.  A brisk trade is the result.

For the Referee

Terragona     0106 C8C6845-4  S Fl                 822 Ar

Starport – Class  C
Size – 8 Large, 12,000 to 13,599 Kms
Atmosphere – C Exotic, Insidious Atmosphere
Hydrosphere –  6 Wet world, 55-64% covered in liquid
Population  - 8 – Moderate 100 Million to 1 Billion
Government –  4  Representative Democracy
Law Level – 5 Personal Concealable firearms are prohibited
Tech Level –  4 Mechanized age (Circa 1880)

Population Modifier – 8  800 Million people

Two Planetoid belts
2 Gas Giants
Scout base
Fluid seas.

This one gave me a lot of trouble.  The combination of such a hostile environment with a fairly low tech level left me stymied.  Until a friend of mine suggested Steampunk could work "After all, they all wear masks and goggles, right?"

I'm totally handwaving the planetary science away for the Rule of Cool.  Imagine a Mad Steampunk world, drawn by Antoni Gaudi.  Complete with flying cities and airships floating serenly over the implacable fluorine seas and Chlorine clouds...

Required reading for this world,

Gaudi on wikipedia
The Prologue to "The Uller Uprising" by H. Beam Piper.  On Satan's Footstool at Project Gutenberg.

System of the Week - Santander

Our next System of the Week is a favorite of mine so far.  Cowboys and rangewars!  In SPAAAACE!!!

Santander (Aragon 0105) has a Class A starport.  Starships may be constructed here, but the Jimenez Spaceyard is quite small, and can only construct 60 tons of hull in a single month.  Despite this they have made quite a name for themselves in the small luxury ship market.

Santander is 7536 Km in diameter, with a thin, tainted atmosphere, and 32% Hydrosphere. 

(Map courtesy of the map generator at )

The tainted atmosphere reflects common dust storms, rather than actual chemical contaminants.  Locals are used to the dust, and with Bandannas or simple filter masks can deal.  The livestock can handle the dust fine.  Offworlders report allergic reactions, or other difficulties until they are acclimated.
Santander has a population  of 60, 000.  The Government is a Balkanized system.  Overall Law Level is 5, with personal concealable firearms prohibited. 

Tech Level is 12, an Average Stellar technology level.

Santander's system includes three planetoid belts, and 4 gas giants.  The Vice-Royalty maintains both Scout and Naval bases in the Santander system

Santander is classified as a Non-Industrial and Poor world.  The Per Capita GNP is 10,240Cr, with a GNP of 614 MCr.  The annual total military budget is 18.432 Mcr.

Despite the Travelers Aid Society classifying Santander as "Balkanized" there is a central government.  However it is quite weak.  There are six major "Haciendas", or large private landed estates,   which run cattle, sheep, and other herd animals on the open rangeland of Santander.  The Central Government controls the Downport, and little else.  The  Haciendas usually co-exist peacefully.  However, there have been range wars in the past 50 years.  The TAS Classified Santander as "Amber" travel status until as recently as five years ago.  This travel status was upgraded back to normal at that time.

For the Referee.
Santander     0105 A543475-C  2 Ni Po              634 Ar
Starport – Class  A
Size –  5
Atmosphere – 4
Hydrosphere – 3
Population  4
Government – 7
Law Level – 5
Tech Level – C
Population Modifier – 6
Three Planetoid belts
4 Gas Giants
Scout and Naval bases
Non-Industrial and Poor world
Per Capita GNP = 10,240
GNP = 614.4 Mcr
Military budget = 18.432 Mcr

This world is one of my favorites so far.  The combination of low population and low water percentage seemed to evoke a western feel.  And the image of High-tech vaqueros or gauchos riding grav-cycles is too much to resist.

RAW for a balkanized world would take the starport and break it up among the world powers.  With such a small population, I made the tweak that the entire shipyard was under one entity.  This didn't seem to affect much strategically, since the production rate is so low.

Also, I fudged the overall military budget in a similar manner.  It will be broken up amongst the Haciendos to use for their own private armies.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

System of the Week, Requena

Our next "System of the Week", is Requena.

Requena (Aragon 0104) is a pre-stellar technology system in the Vice Royalty of Aragon.

The starport is a Class C facility.  While able to perform major repairs, the Requena Downport cannot construct new ships, nor sell refined fuel.  There is a Travellers Aid Society facility, but it is limited.

Requena is medium sized.  With a diameter of 7,300 Kilometers.  The atmosphere is a type 4 thin-tainted atmosphere, that requires a filter mask for outdoor activities.  The Hydrosphere is 52%.

Map courtesy of the map generator at

With a population of 10,000, the Government is a captive government, controlled directly by the Vice-Royalty itself.   This results in a impersonal buraucracy running the system, with very little local input.  The Law level of 3 reflects a lack of tight control by the Vice-Royalty.

Technology level is 6 - Atomic era.

Requina is in the process of being colonized by the Vice-Royalty.  Only minor terraforming is in progress at this time.  The tainted atmosphere is one of the side effects of attempts to thicken the atmosphere and create a garden world.

The colonization effort had been larger, but during the last war with The People's Republic of Burbank, the Vice-Royalty reduced the workforce drastically.  This pushed back the terraforming schedule, and has resulted in the atmosphere getting worse.  There have been calls in some circles to re-prioritize the project, but they have not been answered.  Meanwhile, the small population continues in caretaker mode.

The roughly cretaceous-era fauna on Requena necessitate a lighter control on personal weapons than the Vice-Royalty might otherwise wish.  Some off-world visitors do come here for hunting safaris.  Some of them even return off-world...but they system is not classified Amber Zone, as the single major settlement is defended by a dedicated security team.

This world is classified as Non-Industrial, due to the lack of high-tech manufacturing.

For the Referee -

Requena       0104 C546463-6  S Ni                 113 Ar
Starport – Class  C
Size –  5 - 7,200-8,7Kms
Atmosphere – 4 – Thin and Tainted
Hydrosphere – 5 – Wet world 45-54% Water coverage
Population 4 – Moderate 10,000 to 100,000
Government – 6 Captive government or colony
Law Level – 3 Low law level.  Automatic weapons prohibited
Tech Level –  6  - Atomic era
Scout base, Non-Industrial world
Population Modifier –  1, 10,000 people on planet
One Planetoid belt
3 Gas Giants
Per Capita gnp = 4,000x0.08 = 3200 Cr
GNP = 32 Mcr
Military budget = 960,000

Sunday, June 28, 2015

System of the Week, Quintanarde

The first in the mis-named "System of the Week" series.  This will be an ongoing attempt to flesh out the various systems of the Andalusian Reach.

Quintanarde is our first stop. 

Quintanarde (Aragon 0103) is a primitive planet in the Vice-Royalty of Aragon.  Located on the fringes of the Vice-royalty, this system is not a bright spot.  

The Starport is a Class E starport.  There is a area marked out, and there are blasted spots that are bare to the bedrock from starships landing and taking off.  Navigation Aids are limited and primitive.  Fuel is available.  There is a wooden flume that brings water down to the starport.  Starship crews are advised that they need to bring their own hoses to get water from the flumes to their own fuel tanks.  Then the fuel will need to be cracked and refined from this water.

Quintanarde is about 12,000 Km in diameter.  The atmosphere is a standard, tainted atmosphere.  The hydrosphere is 87% water.

(Map courtesy of the map generator at

 The population of 500 Million is ruled by an impersonal buraucracy which tightly regulates all aspects of life.  

The technology is TL2 - "The Age of Sail".  Most Quintanardians live in a world of sailing ships, without electricity or internal combustion engines.  

The people live either on the various islands, or in one of the shallow-water cities.  Trade via sailing ship is vigorous, and checked only by the buraucracy of the planetary government.

This world is classified as a "Non Agricultural" world by most trade organizations.  There have been some attempts to export fish or other products, but the local luxury market hasn't opened up for these exports yet.

For the Referee -

1. What are we doing here?  500 million people in a Horatio Hornblower-esque world is not a problem.  Requiring them to wear filter masks outside of their environmentally sealed homes IS a problem.  I need to figure out how to reconcile this minor issue.  I'm being stubborn and using the randomly generated system info as much as I can.  I could go for the dodge that "the people here are used to/adapted to the atmosphere, and the travellers are not"... but that feels like cheating to me.

2. Here's the stats, as generated randomly.
Quintanarde   0103 E879899-2                       513 Na
Starport – Class E – Frontier Port
Size – 8 = 12,000 to 13599 Km
Atmosphere – 7 Standard, Tainted
Hydrosphere – 9 = 85% - 94% covered by water
Population 8 – Moderate Pop.  100 Million to 1 Billion
Government – 9 Impersonal buraucracy
Law Level – 9 Hi Law, No weapons allowed outside home
Tech Level – 2 “Age of Sail”
Population Modifier – 5, so Population =  500 Million
One Planetoid belt
3 Gas Giants

Quintanarde is a primitive world, with minimal infrastructure or technology.  Not much of interest to Travellers here.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Map of the Vice Royalty of Aragon

The Sector map for the entire Andalusian Reach is not as readable as I wanted here.  So, I grabbed the Gimp, and sliced out the part that is relevant right now.

Please note that the Vice-Royalty used to cover both the Aragon and Burbank sub-sectors.  However, at some point recently the People's Republic of Burbank fought a successful revolutionary war to break free of the Vice Royalty.  Which adds to the adventure and background potentials for our heroes.  A war about 20 or so years ago, and an ongoing cold war to keep things stirred up.

If you aren't familiar with the Traveller star mapping icons, The large letter is the starport type.  Class A is the best, with shipyards and repair facilities.  Class B has only repair facilities, Class C can sell you refined fuel, Class D can sell unrefined Hydrogen, Class E are cleared spots on the surface, and Class X are restricted worlds. 

Yes, I am simplifying.

A Star is a Naval Base, a triangle is a Scout Service base, a dot is a gas giant that can be used for frontier refuelling (Scooping up hydrogen gas for fuel).

A yellow circle about the system reflects that the system is under an Amber Zone travel advisory.  A red circle reflects a restricted system.

We'll be looking at Aragon for a bit.

The Vice Royalty of Aragon

The Vice Royalty of Aragon will be our first stop in the Andalusian Reach

The Vice-Royal Capitol of Aragon has a type 9 world government, an impersonal bureaucracy.  That seems like a good government for the Vice-Royalty as a whole.  Checking the Traveler wiki ( at )gave me some more good ideas.  The government's power source is an oligarchy that is part of the bureaucracy.  In addition, the power structure of the government could be a hegemony, for governments of this type that span multiple systems.

An oligarchy?  Let's about a small number of leading families that run the bureaucracy.  Not necessarily noble houses...these families just go to the right schools.  How about seven families.  That should also give us scope for some political infighting between them.

As far as being a hegemony?  Hmm...perhaps things are run from Aragon.  With little local control.

Some interesting things to think about.

So, Here's the color text for our guidebook to the Andalusian Reach.

 Vice Royalty of Aragon – a polity with a total of 36 systems.  The Vice Royalty controls the bulk of the Aragon subsector.  There are some worlds still disputed with the revolutionary People's Republic of Burbank.  However, hostilities have not broken out in more than two decades.

The Vice-Regal government is an impersonal bureaucracy presiding over the various worlds.  A oligarchic few control the area in a Hegemony led from the Aragon system.

The highest tech level is Jarandilla at E (TL 14)
The highest population Is Jarandilla at A ( with 30 Billion people)

Shipyards exist at the following locations 

Santander (TL C)
Aragon (TL B)
Valladolid (TL A)
Salamanca (TL 8)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Andalusian Reach :

The Andalusian reach is one of the few “Success Stories” of the ancient UN Office of Colonial Affairs. UNOCA took all transportees, involuntary deportees, voluntary colonists, and grouped them by language. In this area a large percentage of all colonists were Spanish speakers.
When the Homeworld War broke out, Carlists under King Carlos IX created the interstellar Empire of New Spain. This empire ruled the Andalusian Reach for 278 years.

Civil war and economic collapse caused the end of the Empire of New Spain. Currently the various Viceroys of the Andalusian Reach chart their own courses as they jockey for position and power within the reach.

 I used a couple of tools I found online.  First, I went to   and generated an entire LBB Traveler RPG Sector.  I don't like the random names that it came up with, but I've been (slowly...) going thru and changing the names to ones I like.

I then went to and fiddled until I got the map to look the way I wanted it to.

Here's the Sector Map as it stands today...

Please click on the map to Embiggen it.  I've divided the area into eight Vice-Royalties of the Empire.  Each one will have it's own flavor.

So far I've been working on the first Vice Royalty.  The Vice Royalty of Aragon has some interesting stuff going on so far.

I also am working on some Economic stuff.  I've got some crazy idea that I want to use this as a sandbox for LBB High Guard/Trillion Credit Squadron, so I want to know what kind of naval production the various areas can crank out.

I also want to do some Striker / Striker 2 stuff here.  Possibly working up a couple of scenarios, and seeing what a couple of different armies at different tech levels would look like.

We'll see how this develops!
Yes, I have too many character sheets.  I'll share some of them, and some other ideas, with you here.