Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Jiminez Spaceyard Launch-12

Jiminez Spaceyard (Santander, Aragon 0105) Specializes in small, luxury craft.  Their TL-12 Launch is typical.  On a 20 ton platform, they achieve 1G and 13 tons of cargo space in the base model.  The Small Craft bridge is equipped with two crew couches for the pilot and one passenger.  The craft is shaped like a cone, for streamlining.

Jiminez Spaceyard offers several packages to upgrade the base model

  •  The base model costs MCr 6.800
  • Model 110 includes 4 small craft staterooms, 1 ton of luxury trim, and 4 tons cargo.  Add MCr 1.2 to the cost
  • Model 120 includes 26 passenger couches and no cargo.  MCr 7.45 
  • Model 130 includes 8 passenger couches, and 9 tons cargo.  MCr 7.0
  • Model 130-L includes 8 passenger couches, 8 tons cargo, and 1 ton of luxury trim.  MCr 8.0
 For the Referee, Let's do the numbers...This is for the base model.

Ship: Launch-12
Class: Launch-12
Type: Launch
Architect: Book 2
Tech Level: 12

         QB-0201102-000000-00000-0 MCr 6.800 20 Tons
Bat Bear                           Crew: 2
Bat                                TL: 12

Cargo: 13 Fuel: 1 EP: 0.200 Agility: 1
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops

Architects Fee: MCr 0.068   Cost in Quantity: MCr 5.440

Detailed Description
  (High Guard Design)

20.000 tons standard, 280.000 cubic meters, Cone Configuration

7 Officers, -5 Ratings

Jump-0, 1G Manuever, Power plant-1, 0.200 EP, Agility 1

Bridge, No Computer Installed





0.200 Tons Fuel (0 parsecs jump and 28 days endurance)
On Board Fuel Scoops, No Fuel Purification Plant

2 Acceleration Couches, 13 Tons Cargo


MCr 6.868 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 0.068), MCr 5.440 in Quantity

11 Weeks Singly, 9 Weeks in Quantity

Note that 1 ton of fuel gets us 140 days of endurance.

Launch-12 Class Launch

Book 5 Crew Breakdown
Command section: 7 officers and -6 ratings; Engineering section: 0 officers and 0 ratings; Service section: 0 officers and 0 ratings; Medical Section: 0 officers and 0 ratings
Hull: 0.000 Td; MCr 2.200
Armour Factor-0: 0.000 Td; MCr 0.000

M-Drive Factor-1: 1.000 Td; MCr 1.500
J-Drive Factor-0: 0.000 Td; MCr 0.000
P-Plant Factor-1: 1.000 Td; MCr 3.000; +0.200 EP

P-Fuel: 1.000 Td; MCr 0,000
J-Fuel: 0.000 Td; MCr 0.000
Scoops: 0.000 Td; MCr 0.000
Purification: 0.000 Td; MCr 0.000
L-Hyd Drop Tanks: 0.000 Td; MCr 0.000

Bridge: 4.000 Td; MCr 0.100
Computer None: 0.000 Td; MCr 0.000; -0 EP




Cargo: 13.000 Td; MCr 0.000


Friday, September 11, 2015

Shipyards and Wine

One of the most brilliant pieces of software I use is the High Guard Shipyard.  I have been reluctant to try using it since my windows laptop died.   I wasn't sure about running it under Wine on my Ubuntu lappy.

Until tonight.

So, to run the High Guard Shipyard on Linux, Here are your steps.

0. Have a functioning Ubuntu install of Linux.

1. Ensure Wine is installed on Linux.  Use Synaptic, apt-get, or your favorite Ubuntu package manager to do so.

2. Go to

3. Download the Zip file of High Guard Shipyard

4. Unzip the file

5. Right click the .exe file and select "Run in Wine"

And, Bob's your uncle!

Many many ship designs to follow.  I am officially stoked.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

System of the Week - Aragon

Aragon (Aragon 0209) Has a Class A starport.  The various shipyards have a combined total capacity of 4,600,000 Tons / Month peacetime construction.  In addition, the repair yards can perform any needed level of repairs, either on orbit, or at one of the downports on Aragon itself.  Refined and unrefined fuel are both available for purchase here.

Aragon is a medium sized world, with a diameter of 7826Km.  The very thin atmosphere requires compressor masks to ensure humans can breathe when outside of protective domes.  Aragon is a wet world, with 72% of the surface covered by water.

(Map courtesy of the map generator at )

Aragon has a population of 4 billion people.  The Government is an impersonal buraucracy.  The Law level of 9 bans weapons outside the home  The Tech Level of 11 is an average stellar technology.

Aragon is a high population world, that is also the capitol of the Vice-Royalty of Aragon.  The Naval base in system is the headquarters for the Armada of Aragon.

Aragon's system has one planetoid belt and one gas giant.

Seen by many as the shining star at the center of the Vice-Royalty, Aragon does seem to live up to it's billing.  Due to the low atmospheric pressure, the population is mostly housed in several arcologies across the surface of the world.  The capitol of the Vice-Royalty is housed in one such arcology.  The Palace is said by some to be the epitome of the New Catalan Modernism that is the Vice-Royalty's official architectural style.

With a gross GDP of 560,000,000 MCr, Aragon supports a military budget of 1,680,000 MCr for local defense alone.  A maximum establishment for the local army of 2000 (!) divisions is mostly deployed throughout the Vice-Royalty on various peacekeeping and local defense missions.  However, actual troop strength is believed to be much smaller.  The Armada is the primary defensive arm for the Vice-Royalty

Aragon was settled early, and grew to it's present size over time.  There is trade with other systems, manufacturing, and some resource extraction.

For the referee
Aragon        0209 A537999-B  N Hi Cp              411 Ar

Starport A
Size 5, Medium sized.  7,200 -8,799Km Dia.
Atmosphere 3 Very Thin Atmosphere
Hydrosphere 7, Wet world, 65%-74% surface water
Population 9, High population, 1 -10 Billion people.
Government 9, Impersonal Buraucracy
Law level 9 High Law level, no weapons outside the home
Tech Level B (11)  Average Stellar technology level

Population modifier - 4, 4 Billion people
Planetoid belts - 1
Gas Giants - 1

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

System of the Week - Zefadytia

Zefadytia (Aragon 0208) Has a class C starport.  The Zzefadytia S.A. starport is capable of major repairs, but not annual overhauls.  Only unrefined fuel is available for non-company ships.

Zefadytia is 14,200 Km in diameter.  and has a Dense, Standard atmosphere.  The surface of Zefadytia is 95% water.

(Map courtesy of the map generator at )

Zefadytia has a population of 5, 102 people.  The Corporate government is run by a set of elite managers.  All "Citizens" are employees of Zefadytia S.A.  The law level is 1, Body pistols, Explosives, and poison gas are prohibited.  The Tech Level is A (11) Early Stellar.

There is one planetoid belt, and 4 gas giants.  There are no naval or scout bases present.

The entire world is owned by the Zefadytia S.A. corporation.  The company has several resource extraction operations that it runs, both on the small island that passes for dry land, and sea-based.  These raw materiels are shipped to manufacturing centers in the Vice Royalty.

For the Referee - 
Zefadytia     0208 C98A311-A    Lo Ni Wa           514 Ar

Starport – Class C
Size – 9  13,600-15,199 KMs
Atmosphere – 8 Dense
Hydrosphere – A  95% water
Population - 3 1,000 to 10,000 (5,000)
Government – 1 Government / Corporate
Law Level – 1
Tech Level – A - Early Stellar

Population Modifier – 5
One Planetoid belt
4 Gas Giants
Low Population, Water world, Non-Industrial

System of the Week - Xativa

Xativa (Aragon 0207)  has a Class C Starport.  The starport is capable of major repairs, but not annual overhauls.  Only unrefined fuel is available.   The Traveller's Aid Society contracts with a local Bed and Breakfast to provide services.

Xativa is 9200 Km in diameter with a thin, tainted atmosphere.  The planet's surface is 48% water.

 (Map courtesy of the map generator at )

 Xativa has a population of 102,433.  The planetary government is a Feudal Technocracy.  The law level is 6, all firearms except shotguns prohibited.  Xativa is TL 7 (Circa 1970 AD).

There is no planetoid belt, but the system has 3 gas giants.

Xativa is an agricultural world.  The one town (Municipios deXativa) is the combination startown, and world capitol.  The Feudal Technocracy of Xativa runs the centrally planned economy, determining which crops are grown, and by which farmers.  If it weren't for the inherent inefficiencies involved in this process, Xativa would be the bread basket of the Vice Royalty.  As thing stand, most exports go to the Vice-Regal capital.

For the Referee -

Xativa        0207 C645556-7    Ag Ni              103 Ar
Starport – Class  C
Size –  6 Med World 8,800-10,399 Kms Dia.
Atmosphere – 4 Thin (tainted) Atmosphere
Hydrosphere – 5 45-54% water
Population  - 5 100,000 to 1,000,000 (100,000)
Government – 5 Feudal Technocracy
Law Level – 6 Moderate Law, All firearms except Shotguns Prohibited
Tech Level – 7 Circa 1970 AD

Population Modifier –  1
NoPlanetoid belt
3 Gas Giants
Agricultural World, Non-Industrial