Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Before you can have pie...

Still not done with the characters for the Kid's DnD game, but we ventured fourth anyways. 

Nestled along the jungle-draped Green Serpent River, is the town of Copperford.  The Green Serpent River runs into the Derfang Forest, but few wish to venture into that fey-infested area.

The Green Serpent Valley is the domain of William the Thin.  He makes his home in the keep in the town of Copperford.

Alya the elven Druid, Skular the dwarven Barbarian, Alex the human Fighter, Mako the tiefling Sorcerer, and Kayla the halfling Rogue are our party.

They were in the Broken Crown Inn, the home of the best pies in the area.  The proprietor, one Kieth Silverhorn the half-elven, was lamenting his lack of good lard for making pies.  He told our heroes that they needed to go find him some "Dire Skunks" to make into lard for the pies.

Our heroes ventured out past the palisade walls of Copperford in search of dire skunks.  After much nature crafting, they found a batch of four skunks.  The skunks were turned into pre-lard rather quickly.  Alex and Skular found a fifth skunk, and made short work of it as well.

They returned to The Broken Crown to collect their bounty of 10 silver per skunk, and a share of the best pie in town.

We'll do more later, but that was about all the attention the kids had tonight.

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