Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Collaborative worlbuilding with kids.

I have been asked to run a 5E Dungeons and Dragons game for the kids.  This opportunity has given me a chance to try out something I saw on the internet.

Here's the post by The Chatty DM - The Index Card Method Codex, Part 1

So, before I start working up anything for this game, I wanted to make sure I had buy in from the kids.  Ages range from 10 to 17, both boys and girls.  I think it will work better if I make THEM build the world, rather than me building some idea I think is neat, and then having to force them to like it.

We sat down last night, and followed The Chatty DM's idea.  Each player in turn was asked to give me one thing about the world.  I did three trips around the circle.  Here are our results.  I am using "Player N" because, Kids, Internet. Bleh.

Player 1:
The Ascension of Sivdur the Black Star. 
The Inquisitors of the Holy Iron.
The Khaordan Wastes

Player 2:
Audricul, Temple to Animals
Talking Animals of Derfang Forest
Mystical Misty the Magic Item Merchant

Player 3:
Rena the Mercenary
The Prometheus Company of Mercenaries
The Kingdom of Caterina

Player 4:
Assassin Sandcats of the Derfang Forest
Undead Squid
The War of Calamari

Player 5:
The Abandoned Derfang Keep
The Derfang Shift
Shakul, Old King of Derfang

Player 6:
The Goliath Stronghold
The Hundred-Year Flood
The Resurgence of Andromeda

And that's my card deck for the Setting Stack.  Next task is to make some characters, and have the players give me more content.  Among my challenges is the age range.  The oldest wants a grim dark world of grimth and dark.  The youngest would be more at home in a world of anthropomorphic animals that are written for a Saturday morning timeslot on TV.

This won't be boring.