Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Threat Axis Aleph - Basic Patrol Craft

So, I managed to finish the first of my ships.  Here she is, the "Basic Patrol Craft".  Link is to a PDF on Google drive

Basic Patrol Craft

I'm envisioning this as a converted merchant ship, with weapons shoehorned in wherever they fit.  This is less Starship Enterprise, and more "Lean out the cockpit of a biplane with a rifle" at this point.

I expect the Small Laser to be almost useful, and the firing arcs cannot be the best.  But this is the first one, we'll see what comes in the next generation.

Armor is present, but not too thick.  In a one on one battle against itself, I think two good hits will result in internal damage.  That seems right for this ship.

The Basic Patrol Craft type is present in all four star fleets of the Aleph Cluster.  From the P-1 of the Strategic Space Command, the Flower class of the Royal Army of Rosaria, the "Small Border Patrol Craft" of the Gresham Democratic Republic, to the Seabird Class patrol craft of New Grand Ronde.  This small craft serves where others are too large, or otherwise too busy.

- Starships of the Aleph Cluster


  1. Wow. I'd forgotten how old that Open Office spreadsheet was.

    Does it have an XML export tab?

  2. There is an XML tab on this thing. I'll see if the pretty PDF printing tool is also in the zip.

    Honestly, I was mostly fighting with BrokenOffice trying to get it to save the page as a PDF. :)