Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Squadron Strike - Threat Axis Aleph

The following Polities are involved at this time, in Threat Axis Aleph

1. The United Systems of Aries
A republic.

2. The Kingdom of Rosaria
Theoretically, a constitutional monarchy.  In reality the Kingdom is a corporate state.

3. The Gresham Democratic Republic
Stalinists.  In Space

4. "The People"
An oligarchy.  This world colonized from Northwest Coast people (Salish, Chinook, Confederated tribes of the Grand Ronde).

Here's the node map of the area

More details, but I now have a map, and this gives me a start for a Squadron Strike environment.  Solo only so far, but I'll start by recruiting players for tactical games, rather than starting a campaign cold.

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